Our Mission

The Forest Avenue Business Improvement District (BID) was formed to support businesses along Forest Avenue between Broadway and Hart Boulevard. Since it’s founding in 2004, the Forest Avenue BID has played a key role in maintaining a clean, safe and inviting environment for it’s community. With creative budgeting for sanitation, graffiti removal, public safety, landscaping, marketing and advocacy, the BID continually strives to enhance Forest Avenue’s position as Staten Island’s premiere neighborhood.

Nina Flores • Executive Director

Executive Board

Megan Cappola • Chair • Beans and Leaves Coffee & Tea Cafe
Kim Beckett • Vice Chair • Burrito Bar
Gary LiGreci • Treasurer • The Staaten
Thomas Casatelli • Secretary • Ho’Brah a Taco Joint/ Kettle Black

Annual Reports

2016 • Forest Avenue BID 2016 Annual Report Narrative
2015 • FY 2015 Financials 2015 Annual Report Narrative
2014 • FY 2014 FinancialsFY 2014 Annual Report Narrative
2013 • FY 2013 FinancialsFY 2013 Annual Report Narrative
2012 • FY 2012 FinancialsFY 2012 Annual Report Narrative
2011 • FY 2011 FinancialsFY 2011 Annual Report Narrative
2011 • Management letter
2010 • FY 2010 Annual Report Narrative

Board of Directors

Vincent D’Antuono • Pastosa Ravioli and Cheese
Jean Daggan • Property Owner
Andrea S. Morse,Esq. • Andrea S Morse, Esq.
Cormac Gordon• Property Owner
Gary LiGreci • Li Greci’s Staaten
Laura Volsario • Property Owner
Office of the Mayor
Office of the Comptroller
Borough President James S. Oddo
Councilwoman Debi Rose
Community Board No. 1